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Neuregulin-1 is a Chemoattractant and Chemokinetic Molecule for Trunk Neural Crest Cells

Lunatic fringe causes expansion and increased neurogenesis of trunk neural tube and neural crest populations

Glial cells: Old cells with new twists

Characterization of the Shark Myelin Po Protein

Slits Affect the Timely Migration of Neural Crest Cells Via Robo Receptor

Embryonic development of glial cells and myelin in the shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum

Effect of NRG1, GDNF, EGF and NGF in the Migration of a Schwann Cell Precursor Line

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Emergence and and migration of trunk neural crest cells in a snake, the California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae)

Chicken trunk neural crest migration visualized with HNK1

Screen for Slit/Robo signaling in trunk neural cells reveals new players

Slit molecules prevent entrance of trunk neural crest cells indeveloping gut

Myelin in cartilaginous fish

Characterization of the Trunk Neural Crest in the Bamboo Shark, Chiloscyllium punctatum

Analysis of Trunk Neural Crest Cell Migration using a Modified Zigmond Chamber Assay

New Methods for Chicken Embryo Manipulations

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